Be Inspired

Just five little minutes. Sometimes it takes less time. The effort to march forward with something…a creative endeavor, exercise, cleaning the house. It’s like going to bed in your running clothes so that in the morning you avoid the temptation to hit snooze.

Join the group, follow Lisa Jo’s weekly prompt and just see where these 5 minutes will lead you.

For the last day in the Be series, I urge you to take 5 minutes out of your day to be inspired. Be led to make something challenging for dinner. 5 minutes to do a mad dash clean out of your car. Start with 5 minutes of online shopping to inspire a new tradition? Make a 5 minute long list of ways that you are enough, of your talents and gifts? Simply breathe in and out for 5 whole minutes–be present.

Here is my 5 minutes on the topic: Catch

I’ve been running and not listening. I have been speaking and not listening. I have proved every one of Murphy’s Laws in the past 48 hours. Oh who am I kidding, it has been at least a week.

Yesterday I felt like it was one fire to put out after another after another. Every 5 minutes for 7 hours. Then literally, I did happen upon a fire that needed put out. Really?

The thing is that when you run, it’s really hard to hold onto something. Just watch 5 minutes of a football game if you want proof. When you have your mouth open, it’s harder to hear.

I can’t catch what I need when my hands are in fists. In the car today when my grumbling was a continual train of “tellmepleaseshowmeidon’tunderstandidon’tlikethisandidon’tknowwhattodonext.I JUST.DON’T.UNDERSTAND”, I couldn’t hear anything. Those words were my prayer. I wanted an answer but couldn’t stop the freight train to be still and listen.

Then I got the brick to the head. Two gracious women came my way, three actually. The postal worker who apologized for an inconvenience that she had no control over. The lady waiting for her remedy for 15 minutes because I was behind, and like I said working on my graduate law degree, Murphy’s BDS (bad day syndrome). Finally another woman who also came to my window at work. Calm. Understanding. Hands open to what she could catch. She chose to be open to this being her day to find out more about attending the school where I work. She listened, she waited.

I caught it, at least a glimpse. The list of grace and blessings slowly, ever so slowly pouring forth. Careful not to spill one bit out of my hands.


2 thoughts on “Be Inspired

  1. Jenn says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this today. I am with you in so many of these situations. Being still and knowing God is the most difficult thing, because it involves being still! I laughed out loud about wearing the running clothes to bed… haven’t done that yet, but I probably should! Praise God that He sent you those 3 women today. Blessings!

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