Be Enough

The lesson/confession today folks is simply this. You don’t have to try to be enough. You ARE enough. God made you enough. Period. He granted us enough hours in the day, enough money in our checking accounts and enough brains in our heads. Enough. Sufficient.

Yes, I hear you. We make mistakes every. single. day. We choose something that we know is not the best for us. (And yes I said choose, because it is a choice, We believe lies about ourselves and our life.

None of that means that you didn’t try your best. Or that you are not enough.

Melody at Brave Girl’s Club does this whole encouragement thing so much better than I do. In fact, it was during one of her classes that I had to face the truth that I am enough. Sometimes it is easier to believe the lie than to live the truth. The truth remains the truth.

Another place full of women who reminded me of this truth was the Women of Faith Over the Top conference. From theatrical skits performed by Deborah Joy Winans, songs by Mandisa and Amy Grant, and the real life words from the mouths of Sandi Patty and Brenda Warner and others.

If you think this message isn’t for you, because there is no way that what you do or who you are is enough, please, dear one, listen….

You are beautiful enough.

You are strong enough.

You are brave enough.

You are skinny enough, tall enough, blonde enough, enough.

You are wealthy enough.

You are blessed enough.

You are a good enough mother.

You are enough.

I might just say, honestly, You Are More than Enough in Christ.


2 thoughts on “Be Enough

  1. Amy Fox says:

    Thank you so much for the beatiful blog yesterday. I have a hard time with thinking that I am enough just the way I am. I am going to save this so I can read it everyday.

    Thank You and God Bless


    • LolaGirl says:

      Thank you Amy. I know a lot of folks struggle with this. It’s hard to believe in our goodness, but our struggle does not make it any less true. I think God whispers this to me a lot. You are enough sweet girl. You are enough.

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