Be Present

Be present. Watch. Pay special attention (because the regular old kind isn’t enough). Observe life. Step into your day. Ground your own self from anything with a screen. Forget your phone in the car when you stop at the park after school.

It is fall now and actually feels like it for most of us here in the states. Did you notice? What made you notice? Pumpkin Spice lattes at the coffee shop or did the quality of light in the October sky slow you down on the way to work one day?

Spring cleaning makes sense after a long winter trapped indoors. Here in the desert, our annual cleaning frenzy tends to happen in the fall. We finally can inhale the air outdoors. We open windows and wait to feel a chill during the wee hours of the night.

The best gift I gave myself this year was 30 minutes with a cup of coffee on the beach. The first day sitting there, I noticed I was holding my breath. Exhaling was a loud and noisy interruption to the quiet of my spot in the world at that very moment.

Being present doesn’t mean the world stops, or you have to buy a plane ticket. Some of my most favorite present moments involve loads of kids running amuck at a birthday party or Christmas get-together.

Normally Ms. Darcy hosts Sweet Shot Tuesdays, but this month she has joined up with Nester and a bunch of other wonderful folks for a 31 days series.  Her series on photography is worth following along.


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