Be Grateful

25 “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten—
the great locust and the young locust,
the other locusts and the locust swarm

Joel 2:25(a) NIV

Various translations use different words here for repay and the description of the locusts. Repay, restore, make up for, redeem. Each one a picture of wholeness. Of something new to stand in for what was gnawed to nothing.

I’ve known of this verse for years. Thought about it. Had it prayed over me. Not until today did it dawn on me the many types of locusts that God used. He called them. He said they were his great army.

There are many varieties of dream killers. I had the opportunity yesterday to hear about the shattered dreams of Glen Berteau. As Glen spoke of restoration and the need for us to dream again, I kept seeing the shattered window of his illustration being glued back together. The more Glen spoke, the deeper this image went. Then I was able to see that glue + glass does not = a new dream, a single pane of glass. It’s still the broken bits and something else.

The glue is usually my effort. My trying to repair what God has allowed to be broken.

Ann reminds us in her book that Eucharisteo precedes the miracle. The thank you comes when we are broken. Once the words are on our lips our hearts are in the safe embrace of our Abba, and there, in that safety we can dream.

1091. Husbands who kiss their wives goodbye in the a.m.

1098. A mother who is gracious in the face of pettiness

1105. Dessert for dinner

1109. How girlfriends get the job d-o-n-e! Thanks Allison.

1110. The questions of nine year old boys.

1112. The anticipation of mail.

Join us in giving thanks?


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