A Week of Commitment

I can only handle one new perspective on life at a time. One character trait held to the fire of refinement, lest two be lost in the coals. For each trait may be altered at different rates and you know what happens when you try to roast a marshmallow with each hand simultaneously.

This month, I chose my physical health over the discipline of writing. However, as I examine both, and if I am honest in my looking, I find that one week of intense focus in more my speed.  Seven day of trying hard, of constant reminders and redirection. Then three weeks of making it all real for me. Seriously, what is it worth to persevere for seven days out of a lifetime and float through the rest? Twenty-one days of maintenance and tweaking fits better, gives those 7 days more stick-to-it-iveness.

In that light, I have given October Unprocessed a focused seven days. I have shopped locally, and increased my organic foods consumption. I have examined what I would normally term hunger. I have stopped. Stopped some thinking and worked to change reflexes. I canned tomatoes. Made up a nectarine raspberry crumble recipe. Baked peanut butter cookies for a friend and ate not one cookie, not one spoonful of dough. I have new real food recipes to replace the ones I lost. I have decided that sometimes local food, like a handmade, warm peach empanada shared with a dear friend trumps the no refined sugars rule.

The best way to change the world is to change your mind, which often requires feeding yourself. It makes for biochemical peace. It’s almost like a prayer: to be needy, to eat, to taste, to be filled, building up instead of tearing down. You find energy to do something you hadn’t expected to do, maybe even one of the holiest things: to go outside and stand under the stars, or to go for a walk in the morning, or in such hard times, both.  Anne Lamott  Grace (Eventually)

I believe your physical body and health does not exist in a vacuum. I think that swallowing lies everyday can make your waistline look as though you prefer twinkies for breakfast. My thoughts about food can be seen in my home. Think for a minute about the physical differences in a Quaker chapel and a Greek Orthodox church. The church’s doctrine exists in the beams and pews, in gilded crosses and simple wooden joinery. What I eat is what I write is why my kitchen does not have a microwave. It isn’t everything but is not a separate piece with crisp edges either.

Have I lost you yet? I hope not.

This week, for 6 more days, I want to share with you my heart, my food, my checkbook. It is one and the same. I have heard many times that goals written down, or spoken to others have a much greater rate of success.

With that in mind, let me share what is coming up. The idea is a smash up of Grit & Glory’s One Word, Gitzen’s Choose Joy, Nester’s 31 days, Ann’s book, Lisa Jo’s bravery & inspiration and my own journey. You see, just like my choice for dinner last night is not some boxed off unique thing, neither is my journey–it is not alone and it isn’t just about or for me. Come along this week and see more of the why and how of it all.

Monday–Be Grateful

Tuesday–Be Present

Wednesday–Be Enough

Thursday–Be Compassionate

Friday–Be Inspired


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