Poptart Post Memories

This October I’m participating in a program called October Unprocessed. You can find details about it on the Eating Rules website.

I had planned to plan for the month. To bake and freeze. To can and search for recipes. To shop locally as much as possible. Because honestly, nothing brings out the craving, and the giving in to processed food like chaos and a time crunch.

Then last week happened and ta-da, Saturday was October 1. Thursday my place was sprayed for cockroaches for the 3rd time in a month. Nothing says, “Let’s bake!”, like cockroach poo in your kitchen cabinets. Right? Yeah, I thought I was in the majority on that one.

There is nothing like a new restriction, goal, or schedule in your life to shine a light on your habits. It takes no thought for my hand to find it’s way into a big bag of open peanut M&M’s. No planning or straining there. Also no way to fudge the fact that they could be considered to be sort of unprocessed? As far as processing goes those little crayola colored gems have high marks in just about every category for processing. Artificial colors, check. Preservatives, check. Potential for spoiled peanuts that contain carcinogens, check. Number of foods that are known for causing allergies, at least 3, so check, check, check.

The M&M tailspin sent me right back to memories of the grocery store and a trip I took years ago. I wrote a little about it before. How poptarts are candy bars and how I don’t want to eat them. Or at least I know better but sometimes I dislike myself enough to eat them anyway. 

There it is. The truth of it. The cravings come out of hurt and ugly. The giving in is a practice in self-destruction.

I’m shining a new light on the month of October. I can’t conquer the cravings for good today. I can’t win the whole month over but I can stand in the square of today and put the bag of M&M’s down. And thanks to good friends with bug free kitchens I can make my own chicken stock, can tomatoes and chop veggies for lunches during the week.

I can feed myself goodness. Real food. Truth. Light. How about you? How about your next meal? Can you make it one that counts?


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