Pushing Toward Grace

This finding Grace, or knowing that Grace has found me is not my flesh nature. My mind rides hard down the trail towards towns like Jealousy’s Edge and Bend of Bitterness.  I push sometimes, like a cranky two year old pushes over her friend so she can have the doll to play with now.

I push myself out the door because God gave me breath today. I push aside and keep pushing aside the thoughts that say, “They have it better.” or “She is getting to reap what I sowed.” I push.

Yet the river flows by itself.

*cacophony of birds in the morning

*morning cup of coffee on a girlfriend’s back patio

*Sweet Rebecca’s birthday

*October anniversaries–so many that I begin to wonder what all the fuss is about June.

*October birthdays and birthday parties

*baby toes and fingers

*Farmer’s market finds

*the bounty of fall


2 thoughts on “Pushing Toward Grace

  1. Jessica says:

    Based on this little post I think that we could be wonderful friends- also, I’m another one of those October anniversaries. It really is the best. Thanks for your honesty. I’ll be stopping by again. It is so great to share grace in this way. I stumbled over from Ann’s and was blessed by your words and list- keep writing and scribbling down grace.

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