One More Day Until Courageous!

I was one of the lucky folks who got to attend the prescreening of Courageous back in June. It was my first movie preview and I was pretty excited. Preview or not, a free movie is fantastic in my book!
I must say, free tickets aside, that this movie exceeded my expectations. I have seen Fireproof, so I did have background on the production team and the type of movie that they make. What I may have loved most about the movie was that it was Hollywood quality without Hollywood morality.
I expected to cry and I did. I did not expect to sit in a crowded theater and hear sniffles in stereo. I also have never been to a movie where people laughed full belly laughs and then the entire theater tried to muffle their laughter because we didn’t want to miss out on hearing the dialog. It was also amazing to hear the sighs and mumblings of agreement to what was happening on screen.
There are only two things I found wrong with this movie…
1)      It wasn’t made while my Papa Ralph was on earth to see it…although he would have given several hearty amens throughout the movie, he may have been disappointed in the lack of horses in the film, which says more about my Papa than the film.
2)      The premier isn’t until September 30th. That’s been a long, long time for me to wait to discuss all of the goodness with friends and family. Plus September is after Father’s Day and I happen to think this flick is a fabulous excuse to take your father to the movie. Or buy tickets for your parents so they can have a date night.
Check out the website. Watch the trailer. Buy the tickets. Easy peasy. Now go hug your dad.

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