Well Entertained

September is full of great opportunities to be entertained. And entertained well, mind you.

September 23 is the release of Dolphin Tale. A family movie that features homeschooled kids as some of the actors. There will be homeschool groups having fieldtrips to watch the film. Check out groups near you for more details. Sally Clarkson’s son was involved in the project and she also has more information on her site.

Shaun Groves’ release, Third World Symphony, is out. Check out this video to see a fellow blogger, Ann, interview  Shaun about his song All’s Grace.

Women of Faith are going to be here in Phoenix September 23 & 24. It’s going to be an amazing time. I hope you have your tickets!


Finally, I would ask you to plan a date night for September 30th. Take your husband, wife, girlfriend, grown son, mother, the person in front of you at the grocery check out, to see Courageous. I simply cannot think of any way that you would be disappointed with this film. I guess if the theater lost the sound, then maybe. Honestly, it is worth the $10 ticket. I saw it back in June as a special promotion, and I will pay to see it opening weekend.



Go out. Take your family. Celebrate the little things. Think of Sara and how she would choose JOY and sweet time with those that she loves, even if money was a little tight, or she sort of had a headache that Friday. She would choose Joy, choose family, choose time. Don’t believe me. I dare you to go to her site, read 3 posts and NOT be inspired to choose joy anyway!


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