Glad Gitzen Chose Joy

This week is for Sara – taking the prompt from her life’s commitment – to choose joy, no matter the circumstances.

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I usually don’t peek at post that Lisa writes until after I finish mine. I think it is a way to keep my mind focused on me, on what I am supposed to see or say about the prompt.

Today I couldn’t. I couldn’t focus or face the blank sheet of paper on my screen.

I kept thinking of Sara. A woman I don’t know personally, not in a face-to-face way. Though I’d like to think that I’ll recognize her beautiful smile someday.

I’ve seen Sara link up here faithfully. I have enjoyed her spirit that she shared on (in)courage. I feel guilty for sneaking over to her blog to find a scrap of joy to inspire my writing.

But I think Sara would find that a blessing. For that is ,what I believe she strived for, what God blessed her with..this ability to accept what would cause others to shake their fist at God.

I can only echo the words of Lisa, when I sit here today and think about what joy could possibly be…

A chorus of welcome builds and when she sets sandy foot out onto the welcoming far shore a mighty cheer of joy shakes that place.

This week, I think I heard echoes of it already.

Joy is the welcoming arms of your Father on the side of the river called Home.


3 thoughts on “Glad Gitzen Chose Joy

  1. Daniel Farrow says:

    LG. This is a wonderfully expressed post and a great tribute to Sara. Thank you for expressing what is I believe in the hearts of all of us who love Sara. Thank you as well for helping me to hear the echoes of the joy that will resound in heaven when Sara arrives.

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