Writing Retreat!

This is a year of rebuilding. Of editing, if you will, of my life. I am learning to reframe old stories and to tell myself new stories.

I am finding gratitude for the opportunities that have been presented to me this year, and am anxious for growth. I believe that this chance, this class in life, provides me the time to apply myself not just to create  a new blog with brilliant graphics, and all the right buttons and widgets, but to fill the pages of cyberspace, and my days with words that are crafted well.

I feel that the opportunity to attend the retreat at Laity Lodge would be a blessing beyond belief for me. It could be the beginning of applying words to my work and world much like I would consider frames and presentation for my visual art.

The folks at The High Calling are the real deal and folks like that are open to extending grace to someone like me who is looking for an open door to walk through. Check out their page and the folks who link up and share their world with you. You won’t be sorry.

Oh, and not only would there be learning and reading and sharing, it would all happen at the amazingly beautiful lodge. Now that is what I call a day for my new life. Sign. Me. Up. Please.


2 thoughts on “Writing Retreat!

  1. Marcus Goodyear says:

    Here’s rooting for you.

    In another post here, you said you can’t strong arm rest. That’s true, but you can strong arm yourself to get to a place where you have no other options except to rest. That’s a big part of what happens at Laity Lodge and retreat centers like it around the country.

    If not with us, then I hope you’ll find rest at a retreat center near you soon.

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