Book Peek

This little gem couldn’t wait for Friday. In fact, it got me through last weekend. What a lovely escape it was!

Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin

  Lastly, my dreams dwindled to fantasies of recognition. If Rex wasn’t going to play catch with me in the rain, then he could have at least taken me by the hand, walked me through the front door of his skyscraper, patted me on the shoulder, and said, “Hello Mr. So-and-So, I’d like for you to meet my son,” let me stand on my toes and punch the elevator button for the top floor, parade me into his office, ask his secretary to bring him his coffee and a hot chocolate topped with little marshmallows he’d bought just for me, and then let me sit next to him while he made phone calls, attended meetings, or did something important. Because if I had been included in what was so all-fired important, then maybe that would mean I was important too.

On the other hand, I didn’t have to ask Miss Ella if she loved me. I knew. She told me every day but seldom used words. From the age of five, Miss Ella taught me how to spell love, and I’ve never forgotten it.

It’s spelled T-I-M-E. And it’s something Rex knew absolutely nothing about.


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