Following along with Lisa Jo over here.

Let’s write, shall we? Without wondering if it’s right or not.

5 minutes on the topic: Older.

I would love to say that this photograph is older than I am. Alas, since that is me in the red pants, I can do no such thing.

We are all older, much older. My father will turn 60 this year and I made it all the way to 35 this summer. The middle of a decade that I thought would be full of growth that brought comfort and contentment.

This year as I officially marked another year older, I decided that my birthday would signal my new year. No more January resolutions that fall apart before MLK day. I will grow older this year with intentions and hopes and a few goals.

I’m old enough to know how precious this little moment was so many years ago. Old enough to know that I can either march forward through my life or lay idle and let the days march past in front of me.

This year I want to be part of the parade—even if the fancy twirler girl uniforms aren’t exactly my style anymore. I want to wear red pants and wear cheesy grins in photos with those people that I love. I want to own my older because I have been present in my days and earned the wisdom that each one brings. I do not want to lose the laughter, the silly quilted jacket, holding hands with sisters in the middle of the sticks, throw your head back and laugh, laughter.


3 thoughts on “Older

  1. beth says:

    35 was such a huge birthday for me, bigger then 30 (well, literally, too). I will be 37 in October, and have been living life grandly and passionately for almost two years. Something just clicked for me that year. Wonder what will happen when we turn 40?
    Have a good weekend!

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