Seattle by Soap

Very soon, I will reach the middle of yet another decade in my life. I plan on celebrating myself silly. I have a great partner in crime and plans to just GO! (And yes she has been warned…I don’t SHARE birthday cake.)

Going costs money. And last I knew airlines didn’t barter. Hence the special sale on my homemade soap.

In case you don’t have a facebook account, here’s the dealio.
$4 per bar or 3 bars for $10. Every purchase gets a free lip balm. Need items shipped? Pay for the cost of the stamp and I’ll handle the rest. Interested in an extra lip balm? They are $2.50. I also have some oil cleansers for your face that are $6 each for a 3 oz bottle—they come in oily, normal or dry.

Soaps are cold process, handmade goodness. No fillers or extra chemicals, nothing that makes them do a jig, and no promises to make tanned leather look like porcelain. The soap is made to get you clean and keep your skin, well, like skin should be. All of the recipes include coconut and olive oils. I like sunflower oil (the little bit of Kansas remaining in me) because it absorbs well into your skin. Some soaps have shea or cocoa butter, or sweet almond oil. I use essential oils and some fragrance oils, but most are lightly scented…I’d rather not smell like I BATHED in perfume if you know what I mean.

Here’s what’s available:
Oatmeal, Goatsmilk & Honey This one has beeswax, ground oats and goats milk..not intended to replace your breakfast
Keep Me in the Kitchen Made with coffee & coffee grounds, it will scrub off the sticky and wash away the stinky.
Boy! Oh Boy! Yes, men love this one. It has poppy seeds to scrub up all the rough bits and citrus & cinnamon leaf to brighten up any Gruff Gus.
Sweet Milk Cinnamon, clove and evaporated milk. Smells like Grandma’s kitchen. These bars seem to last the longest…I have one by the bathroom sink.
Rosey Posey Named for my grandma, scented with fresh zucchini flower fragrance. This one has sunflower oil and bees wax.
Made for 3 Three special ingredients for 3 special folks…goats milk, cardamom and a smooth vanilla fragrance oil. These rounds are deep brown in color and rich in their scent.
Summer Perhaps my favorite round yet…made with shea butter, pureed cucumber and lemon essential oil. Your skin will LOVE you for using this.
Punk A blend of essential oils like cedarwood and clary sage to keep the guy in your life motivated.
Warm Up Winter The petit grain essential oil in this batch is said to help ease winter blues, and the other essential oils are there to warm up your body.
Beauchamp Dreaming It’s my standard blend of oils with a new fragrance called New England. The scent has softened while drying and speaks to me of cedar forests and rain and maple sugar boiling in copper pots.

Leave a comment with your email. Message me on Facebook. Or send me an email if you are interested in purchasing some of these goodies.


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