Losing It All

I am not the biggest technology buff.

System requirements? It’s plugged in.
What version are you running? It’s plugged in.
Error message? It’s plugged in.

So the fact that I had to transfer all of my documents, photos and electronic life into an external hard drive was a bit overwhelming. Add in that all these bits were scattered on two computers–one a PC and one a Mac. I was obviously in over my head.

To add insult to injury, the hard drive came with an Ikea-esque set of instructions. You know what I mean, the weird stick figure with line drawings of the 189 pieces and how they fit together. No words. Yeah, that type.

Nowhere did it say that if you add information to the hard drive it automatically completely wipes out ALL previous files. Which, sadly, is more and more like my mind.

I tried to save important photos and data off my last phone too.

Now all I have of my life from the past 5 years, is not even the photos from my last phone. All I have is the kindle version of Pride and Prejudice and three media messages.

Save? Life, erased.


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