The Sacred Journey by Charles Foster

Pilgrimages of all types are explored in Charles Foster’s The Sacred Journey. While Christian pilgrimages are the focus of this last book in the Ancient Practices Series, Foster does not shy away from examining Hindu or Islamic practices. In fact, he does a nice job of supporting his journey with texts from other religions.

As Foster picks apart the theology of pilgrimage, he tells us of his own journeys and various encounters. There is enough humor and insights sprinkled between historical dates, saint’s names and religious speak that one feels more like a story is being spun before you instead of typed neatly into a textbook you would rather not read. I found the book both inspiring and educational. When the theology starts to get dense, Foster is able to pull out an amusing story to illustrate his point. This style of writing–educating and then rewarding with a light reprieve–kept me reading and smiling as I went.

The thesis is well supported and documented throughout. There is even a short study guide in the back of the book. I may just have to stay that the best line of the book was the last–“Jesus said some other things, too, but as a summary of the four gospels, “Let’s go for a walk together ” is not bad.”
*I got this book for free through Booksneeze to review. Check out their website–the button is in my sidebar.


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