Shameless Self-Promotion

I would love it if making photographs was my life. If somehow dreaming them up, making the image happen, printing and all that was what consumed my days and paid my bills. Since I never made it through the gates to live happily ever after in Lala Land, this is not how life rolls.

I am, however, realizing there are more ways to make my life art instead of just trying to make art pay for my life. One way I do that is by making soap. It’s creative. It smells wonderful (well most of the time). And there are fewer calories involved than when I try to whip up something in the kitchen that is creative and smells wonderful and usually involves chocolate.

Stir in extra time, sensitive skin issues and then need for a little extra cash and voila! It Getz You Clean is born. Yes, that is it, the name of my soap company–which right now is more my soap hobby.

Here’s the shameless promotion. I made a Facebook page for the company. It’s a way for me to let folks know what I have been cooking up. Ironically, there are no pictures. I’m lacking some key ingredients for that to happen very quickly, but I promise there will be photos. In the meantime, the best way to pick a soap is to smell it, so take your Sunday drive early this week and come check out all my goodies. I’ll be available on Saturday April 23 for you to shop. More details available on the Facebook page–just search “It Getz You Clean”.


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