Same Life, New Story

Jan Silvious’ latest book, Same Life, New Story has helped me understand perspective at a much deeper level. There are times in life when what you have is what you have, and the only option for change is your perspective.

There are so many books out there that urge us to drop ten pounds, to make lists to achieve our deepest desires, to do something. Jan’s book is different. She helps you understand that not every story is one that you can will your way out of. Circumstances may be circumstances, but your perspective is the fulcrum of change.

Using a wonderfully woven narrative of stories from her life, and other women she loves, Silvious helps us understand what it means to change our minds by shifting our eyes, by changing our focus to change the outcome and the journey. The insights on this change come from stories of women in the Bible who have laid the groundwork for us.

“I have a sweet friend who is entering a new phase of her life She has been propelled into a story she has no taste for writing and no heart for living, but it has been thrust upon her by the increasing dementia of her beloved husband.” says Silvious in chapter seven where we learn more about how to combine wisdom with courage. This friend she tells us about can’t heal her husband, and God may choose not to, but looking to the wisdom and courage of a woman like Jehosheba can help her make the journey she did not choose.

At the end of each chapter of the book are questions to help you further understand the concept which was explored, and then help you see it from where you are in your life. There are also questions that can be used in a group for a book club or Bible study group. The concepts in the book are wonderful but they become dynamic when you engage your own thoughts, perceptions and experience through these exercises.

There is a dog-eared page in at least each chapter of this book. My recommendation is to get the book, and a new journal so that you won’t be hindered in the exploration of your new story.


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