Art Intersection

I am currently showing work at the new gallery at Art Intersection in Gilbert for their show Art & Healing.

So here I am, the artist (happy to have a reason to get dressed up!):

And here is my work on the wall:

The details about the rest of the group:
In the Gallery

Self: An Intimate Look at Personal Narrative

Artists: Rachel Woodburn, Chris Weller, Mindi Headrick, Ron Bimrose, Whitney Zama’, Kris Sanford, Emily Matyas, Rebecca Ross

My artist statement:
Beneath the Blanket
A December birthday gift denied. A girl, unwrapped anyway.

Slow answers untangle from questions. Gifts in boxes wrapped tight in the dark.

Once you are in the answers, within the misty veil of truth, you cannot see. You, the answers, the questions are vibrating together. There are no differences between them.

The show is up through April and the gallery is open 10 to 6 Tuesday through Saturday if you would like to see the exhibit. For more details go to Art Intersection’s website.


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