"Beneath the Blanket" Opening

This is the point where doubt creeps in. When you have looked at a word for so long, no matter how simple, it looks wrong. There are days even my own name looks odd.
I was framing my work last night, for an upcoming show at a new space in Gilbert. While looking again and again at these images, I have become a bit desensitized. I don’t always know what the image is saying, what I want I to say. My mentor, and the curator of this show, would say that the art is just ahead of me. That is where Doubt sees Opportunity.
If you, the artist, do not know what you are saying, then are you saying anything? How can you be articulate when there are not words? Is this all just smoke and mirrors? Can I claim to be a conceptual artist when I cannot seem to find a voice for the symbols?
The art leaves my hands tonight to be hung on a wall tomorrow. Hopefully, the crowd that gathers on Saturday night will be engaged in the experience and with the images on the walls. By then, I want to kick Doubt out the door and accept the not knowing. For it is a new experience of hanging work that is not complete, not polished–accepting the benefit of hanging work after months and years with no such opportunities.

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