Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan

For any home without a hymnal, Then Sings My Soul would be a welcome addition. For homes with hymnals, this book will still bless.

The organization, with indeces in the back and contents in the beginning makes finding what you are looking for a breeze. I appreciate the thematic groupings. I was happy to find songs of Thanksgiving as a group, which helped me answer some questions that my son had. Anyone, like me, who struggles with remembering song titles will be pleased to find, as in most hymnals, a first line index. (Now if we can just remember those first few words!)

Speaking of thumbing through the book, that as well is a lovely sensory experience. The deckled edges of the pages give a craftsman touch to this book–which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The stories behind the songs are well written. Detailed enough to satisfy the curious mind, yet not so long as to dull the reader. This is a book that sits out on a table in my home. I may pick it up to look for something specific, only to find myself sometime later sill thumbing through it and reading or rereading bits here and there.

I would recommend this book for homeschooling families, for young couples starting their homes and folks who have been around the block enough times to sing all the verses to each song included here.
Thank you BookSneeze for the opportunity to review such a lovely book.


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