Embracing the (Im)

Found this in my art bag today as I try to design some origami contraption to complete my latest book. It screamed at me. Well ok, I admit it was more laughing at me that yelling at me.

I knew I had to scan it and keep it. As I sat down to write about it, I was thinking back to Mary’s blog and the Anna Quindlen quote I mentioned previously. Of course, this mess is the epitome of imperfection. So I fiddled with how, on this blog, and with the lack of skills & software I could concoct the statement of I am (Im)perfect.

How adding what sounds like the contraction “I’m” to perfect changes the meaning to be the opposite. Hmm. Believing, striving for perfection in myself or what I do is foolhardy. Perhaps it is due time to embrace well-done and good try.

This effect can be seen in the book I am working on. I hate the first page. I have tried to move it (um, hide may be more accurate) to the middle somehow. Stitched as it is to the next double page spread makes that most difficult. Considering the final page, that I love, is also attached, and can’t be considered any other page but the last, means, well– the first page is the first page! Sigh.

Warts up front. Show you what I lack first. Maybe I can accept it being there as a sign post for the growth that is to come in the book. Telling the story from the beginning. I am imperfect and all.


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