Pocky Love

I’m self-medicating my present situation with a past memory. And that memory involves food. A treat from Japan.

I have limited myself to an abbreviated memory of the actual first time I had Pocky. I was with a dear friend, having a picnic in Osaka. I haven’t taken myself to the worries and wishes of that night. Just the laughter and the sweet old man at the grocery store. I have fast forwarded many years, to being alone and finding Pocky here in the states. How it brightened my day.

I have yet to find the cherished Milk Tea Pocky on US soil. This was close (Milk Coffee Pocky). I shared it with my husband–who was afraid that the treat was on a stick and wasn’t sure how to eat it. I love that man. Oh how his “Pocky Innocence” made me smile.


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