Monday’s Musings

28. Telephone jack fixed. Boys picked up. Dropped off. School work assigned. Checked. Job training completed. Put on the big-girl, mommy’s-working-outside-the-house-panties and dealt with the day. Knowing that all of this will get the bills paid makes it so worth it.

29. Seeing his phone number on caller id.

30. Friends who show true happiness when you walk through the door.

31. Sunday afternoon naps.

32. Getting a bite from the mixed media bug.

holy experience

And now that I’m a tad late starting dinner, I will refer you to Ann…a lovely woman up North who speaks it like it is…her post todaywill touch you. I could print it out and wear it on my shirt…me searching for thank you’s and Way to go! out here in never-never land, shouting to folks I don’t know wishing they would praise my efforts.


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