for Carol

I accepted a deadline from my mentor Carol along with another push and inspiration to look, and keep looking.

Now I will excuse my way out of an image a day by saying that I am looking. Each day I am looking. Some days I will stop and pick up the poor follower that didn’t make it back out my front door. And the light will be just right. And I won’t throw him out because I have a boy who will love to study the wings.

Other days I will find words. Words to keep that will become my treasure chest, my creative fertilizer, my diving board in the pool of art that is to come.

In the days between now and March 22, there will also be times spent with paste and bits of paper that others would throw out. Minutes ticking out the same rhythm as my needle and thread.

On the 22nd of March we will be able to see together what seeing has become. What looking found and how in finding I will create.

Above is what I saw and below is what I made.


One thought on “for Carol

  1. carol panaro-smith says:

    well done.the book is beautiful & the book wants to be complete-i hope you can share it with the mixed media group in april.
    i am always inspired by your thoughtful responses in crit. thank you.

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