From my bedside table..

..well more accurately, “From the pile beside my bed, on my dresser, stuff on the shelf or any other surface I deem to be the bedside table“.

I picked up Sailing Between the Stars from the library a few days ago. Not sure what book I was truly seeking or how this book led me astray. Other than the basic rule of my life which states, “Mindi’s Truth as Chronicled on Scratch Paper #7962a: Books may be made of ground up bits of tree, cotton, and such, but to me they sparkle as beguiling as rubies and sapphires.” Dogs have squirrels. Children have commercials, siblings, food on their shirts, actually anything that exists is fair game for a distraction to a child. I am primarily distracted by, and in no particular order, these things:
1) Beautiful, intriguing book covers
2) Beautiful, intriguing book titles
3) The smell of coffee
4) The smell of bread baking
5) The smell (or even promise of) dark chocolate
6) The sound of a bellydancer’s coinbelt/scarf
7) The sound of my child laughing
8)…wait was I talking about being distracted or was I giving you the formula to distract me at any given moment…(Beautiful book cover with intriguing title catches my attention out of the corner of my eye–stage left!)

Right. Ok. A few bits from Steven James’ book. Be warned, these are bits, and quite possibly bits that only make sense to me (or could to you, should you choose to sit down with the book and read it with a print out of my distractions, er um ponderings on the loveliness of his book.)

“We’ve all listened to the snake.”

“..o elegant mystery
splinter me whole.”
(Did I mention he writes poetry!?)

“I need a truth as deep as the night and a hope as rich as the dawn. I need Jesus.”

And here a nice big morsel for you to chew on. Let it sink into your mind. I love it.

“I think God hates all that is halfhearted because when you divide the most important things in half, you don’t end up with half but get the opposite instead. Halfway justice is injustice. Halfway devotion is compromise. Halfway purity is sin. Halfway holiness is ungodliness. Halfway worship is ritual. Halfway love is apathy. Halfway hope is despair. Anything that’s halfhearted ends up becoming all wrong. A person cannot be somewhat pure or slightly Christian.”

This leaves me thinking about the wisdom of Solomon and the two quarreling mothers. What then does half a child equal, besides the obvious mess? Half a child is a selfish battle to be right. The desire to possess above the desire to hold in your heart. I really can’t reconcile this in my head. I think that good books do that–push you beyond what is written. So Mr. James, thank you and now I must go think some more.


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