The Swing of Things

So it’s been awhile. Not since I have wanted to write things here but since I have felt able. A little forwarded email about what you can learn from Noah’s Ark reminded me to tune out the critics and tune in the One who has called me to work. And this is my Life’s Work.

I’m learning that writing is more about finding my photographs than being an writer. And I think I’m ok with that. Which means there can be more words than images on something that I call my photography blog.

While I enjoy seeing photos of everyone’s kiddos on sites like facebook, I think I need a separate space to post my work…it needs to be important enough to exist in its own framework. This is my bulletin board (since in not-so-virtual life I only have space for a 16″ X 20″ cork & wood bulletin board). And like all good posting spots there will be random bits that most folks see and scratch their heads. A few things that when I look back I will have to think hard to remember why I scrawled upslidedown on my grocery receipt. (Ok, in all honesty I will never have to think about what upslidedown means to me.)

Since the one who first spoke the word “upslidedown” is now having a meltdown about his inability to divide an odd number by 2, I should once again shift my focus and continue on another avenue in the metropolis of my life.


2 thoughts on “The Swing of Things

  1. thegypsymama says:

    And I thought I was the only one who scrawled blog thoughts/ideas/memories on grocery receipts and envelopes! HA! I do that alll the time and often only find them weeks later in crumpled balls in my wallet or purse. But, sometimes the rediscovery of those odd words is the best part, don't you think?

  2. MLH says:

    Thank you. Yes. I have notes to my life's story on everything from receipts to actual journals, bills. The story of my son's life is sadly, also written upon whatever is flat and available. Upslidedown is still a favorite from his early vocabulary.

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