Attempt #1

After some inspirations from fellow photographer, Rachel Woodburn’s,recent agonizing assignment to “Shoot!ShootShoot!”, I felt that I should also increase my production, so to speak. (While also trying to embrace the digital realm.)

A call from another friend, writer, Robyn Hazen, led to the creation of art accountability partners….someone to report to regarding creative work. Someone who is less brutal than a gallery owner who doesn’t take unsolicited portfolios, but still honest enough to push you. This was an idea that was loosely outlined over a nice strong, hot cup of coffee in Maine with another photographer, Antonia Small.
I’m no where near a roll a day (as it would have been stated  in the olden days), or even a shot a day. I am pushing forward. Or squeezing forward. This shot was nabbed on the commute to work, in between the grocery list and looking forward to a short surprise visit to my husband at the shop. (Who knew all of that could fit in my brain?)
For now I am going to squeeze some sleep in between chores. Or more honestly, I am going to squeeze more chores in tonight before bedtime all the while I will be hoping that sleep will come swiftly due to my increased productivity.

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