A book that cannot be opened:
*has to be judged on its cover
*is a mask
*has secrets
*could be an empty shell

These are some notes that I scribble down randomly as I try to trudge my way through the creative process to actually produce something that someone, someday may actually hold in their hand or hang on their wall.

I go through spells of reading 5 or 6 books at a time and my purse and pockets get stuffed full of bits of paper and receipts with all of these somewhat cryptic messages. In my head, of course, they make sense. Or after I amass the pile and reread them, they begin to gel in my mind.

I had a lovely conversation with a writer the other day. (She actually took notes on what I said–that NEVER happens to me!) She reminded me that it absolutely possible to be a writer AND a photographer. It doesn’t mean I have split-personalities (although I probably do 😉 ).

Now the task, besides the oft-procrastinated one of actually MAKING art, is to make a new word. A new title. One that can be used on my business card. The risks of making up a new word are that no one will understand it, some will be offended by it and others will find it trivial. Oh well. Since those are pretty much everyone’s reactions to life anyway, why not make up a new word!

When I figure it out, I will let you know.


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