In Sunday school yesterday we were discussing God’s sign of the covenant with Noah–the rainbow. Mr. Landrith pointed out that the rainbow would be something Noah and his family could see that would build their faith that even if the rain comes, they can continue in God’s will. That they could remain outside of the ark and still be safe.

When my husband and I began dating, there were storms in our lives. Some more literal than others. I remember one day in particular that we were driving through the beginning of a midwestern spring storm. Wind, rain, hail. And rainbows. Yes plural. A full double bow that was so vibrant against that dark grey sky.

On December 1, as I was stepping into yet another storm, this time alone, God graced my life with another rainbow. This one stretched right over our home. To me that was a mighty symbol. Strong and graceful. A brilliant light in a sea of darkness.

I still don’t know what to think of God making rainbow bookends out of our life together. Maybe I’m missing it completely. Perhaps they aren’t bookends but just signs along a very long road.

So I have to loop back to Mr. Landrith’s thought that to someone who has never seen rain, it could be very frightening. To someone who has never experienced the demise of her marriage, it is also very frightening.

I have begged God for neon signs to pierce through my blindness and guide me out of this storm. In all of His Glory, He sent me a rainbow. Whether that rainbow is a the sign for a rest stop or a bookend, is yet to be seen. Either way, I believe what I learned in Sunday school, the rainbow sent was sent for me, to draw me out of where I had been and to promise me protection for where I am going.


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