New Levels of Frugal

So since I have been unemployed and unable to find another job, I have set about saving money whenever and however I can.
I am frugal by nature. I am not offended by Goodwill or cast-off clothing from girlfriends. We eat left-overs until they are gone. My freezer is my friend. I only do laundry during off-peak energy times.
When my 14 year-old Corolla didn’t pass the emissions test a few weeks ago, I tried to figure out how to pay for repairs. I did give in and take it to the shop and had a very LARGE bill when it was done! Well it wasn’t done, my husband opted to do minor replacement work ourselves to save on labor and parts. Since he couldn’t take time away from work to do the repairs, I took my car to him and he helped me replace a gasket, spark plugs and wires.
Not bad for a girl whose father doesn’t know a wrench from a hammer. Ok that’s not quite true, but pretty darn close. And my work wasn’t perfect–hence the terrible shaking that occurred for the next few days until my husband replaced the distributor cap and noticed one wire not completely plugged in. So now I know to check there if my car goes berserk again. Good lessons in all.
Tonight I am baking bread for my neighbor who is saving me even more money by checking for an air leak that might be causing my engine to burn too hot. Or something like that. (To folks that know their way around a metric socket set, I apologize. My grasp of the English language is wanting enough as it is, throw in the technical jargon of a mechanic and I am bound to sound like a fool.)

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