Best Mixed Photos

I used to laugh when my mother would get a disposable camera and then in 27 frames she would capture Easter, summer birthdays, the county fair and half of Christmas before she ran out of film. Ironically, I think I may have one sitting in my home that is pretty much in the same condition. I seem to snap more photos with my phone or a disposable camera than anything else these days.
You see it all started when my camera had to take a trip to New York without me. It got to stay longer than I ever have. Sadly, even though it seemed to cost plenty to fix, you couldn’t get there from here for the same amount of money. At least not with the family in tow.
So here’s my greatest hits, or mixed tape as it were of the last 8 months or so…enjoy!

Christmas 2006..our first family tree, we had fun decorating. If I didn’t know better I would have thought he knew Pap with all the rearranging and “fixing” he did.

A camping trip in northern Arizona.


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